Meet Me


I am Sonia, the face behind La Fouineuse!
Originally from France, now a Quebecker, I settled in Montreal in 2002. Graduate in Interior Design and passionate about decoration and crafts, I spend my time exploring for curated treasures, renovating or up cycling objects and furniture, and hunting for beautiful products. My favorite hunt: vintage garments that combine style, quality and mint condition. 

What characterizes me: my influences, light-years away one from another, a mix of styles completing each other.  Styles I love, which inspire me:

  • Gothic culture, for its romanticism and elegance – with a big weakness for laces and dark colors…

  • Glib and stylish Roaring Twenties – long live art-deco, feathers, fringes, frou-frou and charleston!

  • Art-Nouveau for its ardor, arabesques, feminity, fluidity, and ubiquity of plants kingdom; 

  • Bohemian-chic – flowery, light, ethereal, simple and natural…

  • The Fifties – sexy pin-ups, retro, rockabilly and old-school style;

  • Medieval times, for celtic art, fantastic iconography and noble materials such as wood, stone, wrought iron…

  • Punk-rock aesthetic: studded leather, metal, skulls, stripped or checked patterns, contrasting colors…

  • Middle-East architecture, arts and crafts…

​My creations, just like my decoration, are tinged with these influences, sometimes subtle, sometimes strong, stylishly. If, like mine, your sources of inspiration vary from granny chic to bohemian chic, as well as gothic and romantic, you'll certainly find what you're looking for at La Fouineuse!

You can meet me Friday to Sunday at Old Terrebonne General Store, and the other days by appointment. Welcome in my world! Feel free to contact me if you like what you see !


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