FRENCH LANGUAGE BOOK. Les merveilles de notre corps - Mécanisme des fonctions et règles d'or de la santé. Selection of Reader's Digest, Paris - Montreal. 1964. Volumes I and II

Two books bound in a leather-finished cardboard storage box adorned with a lithograph in sepia tones. Superb golden illustration in bas-relief on the covers of each book. Woven paper back.


Composition, Imprimerie S.I.L.I.C., in Lille (France)
Printing and Binding, I.L.T.E., in Turin (Italy)

Completed printing October 1, 1964. First edition.


Text and illustrations in perfect condition - Excellent general condition (See detailed information opposite)

Volume I - La vie a ses débuts; La sagesse de notre corps; Les géants de notre corps; Les gardiens de notre santé; Commandement - Exécution : les deux étapes de la coordination. 31 plates and photographs. 327 pages

Volume II - Notre organisme : un laboratoire perfectionné; Les magiciens du corps; Les cycles de la vie; L'homme, la femme et la maternité; La lutte de l'organisme contre les tensions; Maux bénins, gros ennuis; Nutrition et santé; La beauté du corps; Guide familial de prévention et de secourisme. 22 plates and photographs. 321 pages



"Sélection du Reader's Digest brought together in these two volumes the most remarkable articles published in its recent issues and dealing with biology, physiology, anatomy, or medicine (...) These two volumes constitute a document of basic, easy to read and entertaining, accessible to everyone and where everyone will find something to wonder and desire to know more (...) Just as a family library readily contains a cookbook, a DIY manual and quantity of other works of practical initiation, (...) this book is (...) welcome, in terms of initiation to a better knowledge of the mechanisms and laws of human life, and that of daily fidelity to the principles of hygiene, the first condition for human health and happiness. ” (Translated from French book introduction)

FRENCH LANGUAGE - Les merveilles de notre corps - 2 volumes box - Reader's Digest, 1964

      Approx. 28 cm high X 20 cm wide X 6.75cm thick (11 X 7-3/4 X 2-5/8 in.)
    • ORIGIN: Printed in Italy
    • ERA: 1964
    • CONDITION: Excellent condition - Only the cardboard box is slightly damaged at the front corners and on the cover litho (see photo 12)
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