A very small criterium or antique mechanical pencil, of the "Châtelaine" type, with a ring to hang from a chain and easily carry everywhere with you. It is made of solid brass with a decorative black and green marbled celluloid coating. The tarnishing of the brass and some signs of wear betray the age of this item from the beginning of the 20th century which is still in very good working condition. No visible manufacturer's mark. It comes with a small Dixon Ticonderoga wooden case complete with 24 No. 2 HB replacement leads.

Miniature Mechanical Pencil & Dixon Ticonderoga Lead Leads

      Mechanical pencil (without ring): Approx. 7 cm long X 1 cm max in diameter (2-3 / 4 X 3/8 in.)
      Dixon Case: Approx. 4.5 cm long X 1 cm diameter (1-3 / 4 X 3/8 in.)
    • ORIGIN: Unknown
    • TIME: Circa 1900
    • CONDITION: Very good! The brass of the pencil has tarnished over time, giving it all its antique cachet. There are a few small black oxidation spots and signs of wear on the metal and some pieces of the celluloid coating are missing (see photos). The price is accordingly.



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