The Art of Robert Bateman. Introduction by Roger Tory Peterson - Text by Ramsay Derry
A Allan Lane / Madison Press Book - Printed in Canada


Magnificent book on the famous naturalist and wildlife artist Robert Bateman, born in Toronto in 1930. It contains 82 color plates of his works, paintings of scenes of wild life recognized for their striking realism and quality of detail, as well as numerous photographs, illustrations and sketches in black and white.

Blue canvas hardcover book with dust jacket. The cover dust jacket is a bit damaged, but the book as such is in good condition. Text and illustrations in perfect condition (See detailed information opposite)



“The work of Robert Bateman has brought new vitality and distinction to the wildlife art. His astonishingly detailed and carefully composed paintings of birds and mammals have been received with enthousiasm by both the public and the leading authorities in the field. Bateman's paintings «... demand that you sense what is inside a plank of weathered wood, that you feel the resilience of the branches and the sponginess of the moss. He wants you to think of what the heron sees through the clear riffle even though you yourself cannot ... His paintings invite you to become an effective participant in the world he has created.» The is the 1st book to be devoted to Robert Bateman's work. The 82 colour plates offer a breathtaking opportunity for the reader to enjoy a tremendous scope of the paintings, from a tiny sparrow in a richly detailed streambank to a massive rhinoceros head; from an infinitely delicate heron to a majestic vista of elk dwarfed by the Rocky Mountains. In the accompanying commentary Bateman acts as a guide to his own paintings, recalling encounters with wildlife subjects and pointing out unexpected features and details."

The Art of Robert Bateman - Allen Lane - Second Printing, 1982

      Approx. 29 cm high X 31 cm wide X 2.5 cm thick (11-1/4 X 12-1/4 X 1 in.)
    • ORIGIN: Printed in Canada
    • ERA: 1982
    • CONDITION: Good general condition - the book as such is in good condition - the blue canvas on the cover is slightly discolored by the sun on the edges. I've also noticed 2 places where glue has parted between the pages, but everything is held together with the binding thread. Text and illustrations in perfect condition. No freckles. The dust jacket is a bit damaged at places with adhesive tape repairs (see photos)
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